• Exposure and protection of underground assets
  • Non-destructive vacuum excavation
  • Building construction – civil sites
  • Trenching and potholing
  • Hydro Excavation
  • Available 24/7
  • Cost effective
  • Protects tree roots
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Safe & Efficient


Servicing Ballarat, Central Victoria, Central Highlands, Grampians, South Western Coast and Melbourne.


Aaron Rushton is the director of Ballarat Vac Trucks and specialises in using pressurised water to create holes in the dirt while protecting existing underground assets such as power, gas, pipes, cables and tree roots.

Hydro excavation or ‘potholing’ of soil provides efficient and accurate digging to avoid damage to underground pipes, lines and cables.

Ballarat Vac Trucks has experience in soil removal around gas mains and tree roots.

It is perfectly suited for digging around fibre optic services, water services, sensitive environments and heritage-listed areas to minimise or prevent damage from general excavation methods.

The method involves water and an air-vacuum to remove and dig soil in a safe manner. The truck is a Vermeer Mega Vac Unit – 3500Lt fresh water with a 8000 Lt spoil-tank.

The non-destructive and non-mechanical soil removal provides top safety control to work-site holes compared to labourers or excavators – and it also does the job fast.

Major safety benefits of hydro excavation:

  • No interruptions to utilities which can mean expensive repairs and time loss.
  • Minimise damages.
  • Reduces insurance and liability costs.
  • Provides fast and better results.
  • Labourers and nearby citizens will be safer from machinery accidents or construction mishaps.
  • The equipment for this process can be positioned at a distance from the actual excavation area.
  • Less traffic and congestions at the excavation site.